Speechs (rants)
d'Axl Rose
During this concert in St. Louis (07.02.1991), before You Could Be MineAxl Rose goes on with a rant about the show and the setlist on the tour...

Rant's transcript :

"(Holding a piece of paper passed over by an audience member in the front row) What am I supposed to do with it? That was worth, fuckin', interrupting me for it, I guess. No that wasn't, dude!

I'll tell you a little bit about the show. There might be a delay between... different songs 'cause, we just have this big fuckin' list and we pick which song we're gonna play next as we go... to see how it feels best with you. That way, we don't get bored, and you don't go: 'I saw that show in... Toledo!' Fuck that shit! Also, we'll be playing a lot of new stuff, you people have been waiting a really long time for the new album to come out, and it'd be kind of a really pussiest thing to do to just come up here and play Appetite For Destruction, it's kinda like jerking off.

But, we got a new video out, that people like you have seem to put on number one on request on MTV and the radio stations across the country, which we're real surprised. We never thought that would happen with that song. It's just something we kinda... we recorded that song, we actually wrote it before we recorded the first album, that's why it says 'Bitch slap rappin' cocaine tongue' on Appetite. But, we just kinda threw it out there so that the rockers would have something to listen to while we were working on our ballad shit. But, you guys kinda stuck a firecracker up its ass and it just took off.

So, without further due... "

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