Speechs (rants)
d'Axl Rose
During this concert in Chicago (04.09.1992), before Welcome To The JungleAxl Rose goes on with a rant about some people who stand in the audience thinking they're just too cool...

Rant's transcript :

"You know… It never ceases to amaze me… When you… When you're up here and you… You look out over the crowd, and you can always find these like, I don't know, they're usually in between about, I think between about 18 and 25 and they're these real pot-smoking, rock n' roll judgmental fuckheads.

(Impersonating some doubtful dude) 'Yeah… I don't know man… I'm cool and shit, I'm standing out all cool, and I don't know. I don't know who these Guns N' Roses guys think they are, they think they're cool and shit, man, you know. I'm cool, I don't know man…'

It ain't about me being cool. It ain't about you being cool. But I think, what we're all doing it here tonight is pretty fuckin' cool, don't you?

So if you came here to be a critical, judgmental fuck, you know, I guess that's your problem if you wanna stand there like you're James Dean with a fuckin' cob up your ass against the wall, that's cool.

Seems to me that you're wasting your own goddam time though. That's another problem. We all think we have so much fuckin' time. We ain't got no goddam time. We ain't got no time to waste at all. You wanna sit on your ass and think you're cool, you end up working in a fuckin' factory 'til you're fuckin' 80 years old and they'll rip you off for your fuckin' pension!

Meanwhile, I'll get off my soapbox. I just, you know, I was singing that song and there was a couple of these people going: 'Yeah…', fuck that shit! But I do know for a fact that maybe you're just stoned, because you get some good pot back here.

But this is a wake up call. 'Cause you know where the fuck you are? You're in the jungle Chicago! Wake up! Time to fuckin' die!"

Transcript by Will Bailey for GNRFrance.net. Please use do not use without permission.
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