Speechs (rants)
d'Axl Rose
During this concert in Oklahoma City (04.06.1992), before Live And Let Die, Axl Rose goes on with a rant about what people tell you to do with your life and what you should tell to those people...

Rant's transcript :

"Oklahoma…Do you…Do you believe all the shit you read?
I said do you believe all the shit you read?
Do you ever wonder why you're given so much shit to read?

You're given a lot of shit to read…because…there's a lot of fuckin' people out there who…I don't think I should even give them the credit to say that they're very conscious of that's what they're doing…but it's mainly because they don't want things like this fuckin' concert in Oklahoma to fuckin' happen!

There's a lot of people who don't know why they do things…But some of the reasons behind that…They don't want the people like you, that are here tonight, to see some loud little motherfucker like me…who crawled out of some shithole somewhere, and worked his way up onto this stage. They don't want, there's something out there that doesn't want that people like you to realize that you can do whatever the fuck you want with your goddamn lives.

And unless, there are those that unless they have a piece of the pie, unless they got a piece of your ass, unless they got a piece of your life, they just don't want it to happen, you do it their way, or you don't do it. Well, they can suck my dick!

I believe that deep inside everybody, there's something inside you that knows what the fuck it is you're supposed to do with your life, and no matter what anybody tells you, if you keep looking, and you keep digging, you're gonna find it. And you can be the person you're fucking meant to be on this goddamn planet.

And don't let anybody…anybody…ever…get in your way…including me! And i know it's not like the most humane thing, but…you can…when it gets real rough, you can think of a little theme song…that somebody else wrote, named Mr. Paul McCartney, and when they try to keep you down, just hold on and know that someday, you'll bust out, you'll get on with your own shit, and they won't be able to fuckin' keep up with your ass, and you can be thinking: 'Just Live And Let Die motherfucker!'."

Transcript by Will Bailey for GNRFrance.net. Please use do not use without permission.
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