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d'Axl Rose
During this concert in Chicago (04.09.1992), before Live And Let DieAxl Rose goes on with a rant about the latest Rolling Stone magazine (in which there was an Axl interview about his childhood and personal issues), and how his family didn't like the interview...

Rant's transcript :

"Any of you…read the latest Rolling Stone? I was on the phone for a long time last night… And a friend of mine… A friend of mine was telling me how…(to the audience) Shut the fuck up! Yo Axl, cool, metal, dude! Rock n' roll, party, do cocaine, yeah! I ain't here for that.

Anyway, that was a friend of mine who was telling me how, how some of the members of my family, and some of the friends of my family, 'have taken a great offense at what I said in this magazine! It's a shame! Look what he's done to his mother! His mother can't even go out of the house now!' It was amazing my mother could have gone out of the house before, knowing the shit she fuckin' knew!

'And, why is he talking about this?' Because it might not happen to you, but it might happen to the two or three people that are standing around you, who got some fucked up family life that's gonna come back to haunt them when they hit about the age of 25. And then you have you to find your way, trying to find your way out of what you thought was your life but looks more in your head like a fuckin' car wreck that no one told you about.

Because…'The family doesn't want to be embarrassed by these things coming out! We just don't want to have to deal with this and we shouldn't be dealing with this publicly.' But if we don't deal with it publicly, then we're probably not gonna deal with the bullshit at all! And I bet they'd like it that way.

I'm not a qualified therapist, I don't know a lot of shit about this, but I do know that we're in the 90's. And I do know, that if we're going to make it for another 50 years on this planet, we gotta fuckin' change our shit now! And there's a lot of motherfuckers that don't want that shit to be changed because that's gonna dig up their crap! There's a lot of parents who done fucked up their kids for their whole fuckin' lives, and they're about 40, they're about 50 and they think it's cool…Fuck that shit!

And I'm the last motherfuckin' person they thought would be climbing up their ass to tell them about it. But see, for me now, it ain't about fuckin' doing cocaine, it ain't about how much fuckin' vodka can I drink and how much I can drink someone else under the table. It ain't about what a fuckin' macho man, rock n' roller I can be. That shit don't work no more, that's great for little kid rock n' roll fuckin' bullshit, but it don't work no more in the real world for my ass.

I can't come up here and go: 'Yeah I'm bad, I'm rock n' roll, we're doing this rock n' roll thing' if my life is falling apart, I can't fake it no more. Just because my family, or my record company, or somebody else tells me I should so everybody could be happy, and make money, yeah? Suck my dick!

Anyway, there are those in my family who are… They've planned now that I've written these things, 'they're gonna get revenge, because it was a terrible thing I did, we're gonna get revenge…' Yeah? Try it!

And if a fuckin' strung little high junior high 90 pound weak link can fight and get his ass up here and take this shit on, so can anyone of you that have the same fuckin' bullshit problems in your life, they don't have to get away with it.

I tried being nice, I tried being cool about it, I tried like, being friends and offer forgiveness and love and all that kind of shit, all I got was: 'You know how much we love you, but let's keep the screws on it, keep you down like we always have.' Yeah well, guess what? I changed my point of view, for me now it's kinda like 'Live And Let Die' motherfucker!"

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