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Trunk: Our new intern Jeremy, he's two weeks in, he's answering calls from Axl Rose, I think he's freaking out (laughs). Shawn, talk to me baby! Talk to me! What is it Shawn? Is he coming up? He's coming up right now, oh my goood! (everybody's freaking out). Wait, I don't know if Shawn knows who we're talking about.

Bach: Wait! Get some music on!

Jericho: Steven Adler is coming is what he's saying

Bach: Get some music on something dude! Come on, Nightrain! Come on, play Nightrain for me!

(freaking out)

Trunk: Jericho, get away form the microphone will you? Ladies and gentleman, Axl Rose has just walked into the studio. I am not kidding you! Axl Rose is here. Sebastian Bach and Axl are having an embrace and, this is absolutely an amazing moment. I am speechless right now, man. (everyone's introducing to each other) Axl Rose has just walked in...fresh from Guns N' Roses rehearsals. Let the man get to the microphone!

Bach: New York City, we were coming from the Giants Stadium show, with Mike Monroe in a limo, and then we dropped some Splenda I do believe, on the carpet, and you went to the hotel, and me and Mike Monroe were scooting around, on the bottom of the limo, trying to find some Splenda...

Axl: We invented Splenda...


Trunk: Axl, thank you so much for coming in man! I appreciate it, it's an honor...thank you. What the hell happened? In 2006, everybody's on the Redbull all of a sudden! It's like the new thing. Do me a favor, swing that mic around.

Axl: A little while later it should be with the Vodka, Redbull/ Vodka...

Trunk: So, dude, I don't even know where to start man! (laughs) We kinda weren't prepared for this, but we couldn't be happier that you came in and hung out with us a little bit. Tell us what you got going on with the show. You just been in town rehearsing and stuff, right?

Axl: Yeah, I'm just doing 4 warm up shows to get ready for Europe and we'll see what happens, and it just feels great you know. Everybody's excited, the band is excited. They were rehearsing in L.A, and then they're out here, and they're all excited to be here. It just feels good.

Trunk: Can you do me a favor with that mic and can you get it just a little bit closer? Thank you.

Axl: (...) easier too. I'll move closer to your mic.

Trunk: Thank you, I appreciate that Axl. So, you guys are doing the shows at the Hammerstein Ballroom here in New York and obviously, all 4 sold out, like immediately. Did you entertain the idea of doing a bigger venue or is it just a case of you wanting to do something smaller?

Axl: No we wanted to do something small.

Trunk. Yeah...and the band is the same you had at the Garden when you played, except for no Buckethead right?

Axl: Right.

Trunk: And you can't announce who the new guitar player is, or you don't have one yet?

Axl: No, we have one, but I'm not announcing him.

Bach: Oooooh, so that's how you're gonna play it, huh? Okaaay, alright! This is, this is what he has been doing.

Trunk: Let me ask you this dude, because obviously everybody has been waiting forever for your record, and over the years there are certain songs that we've heard in certain places in certain times...

Axl: Oh yeah, what times were those there...!

Trunk: That would be my friend Mike Piazza who's not with us right now...

Axl: Huh-uh...

Trunk: But let me tell you something about that: Axl, I need to clear something up with that, because, and in all honesty, we turned that song over and I had it stripped out of my replays of my show and everything and like I...

Axl: No, no that's really cool...

Trunk: And I hope you know that, I never, it was not intended. Mike is the hugest fan on the planet of you guys and if you remember...this is a funny story I told you a couple of weeks ago. Mike and I went to see GN'R at the Garden a few years ago (2002), and Axl came out onstage wearing sport jerseys from all the different teams in New York, but the only he didn't have was a Mets jersey, and Mike was...(Bach laughs)

Bach: I think he knew that though! I think he knew that!

Trunk: If you could have been in the audience...Me standing next to Mike, who was on his chair, pumping his fist the whole time...

Axl: (jokingly) And then kinda bummed...

(everyone laughs)

Trunk: Axl, with each jersey, it was like a little more air came out of the balloon...

(everyone laughs)

Axl: My chiropractor is a Mets fan, I gotta be really careful around him...

Trunk: Exactly, right!

Axl: He'll break my neck.

Scott: Imagine Axl, if you actually you walked out in a New York Cosmos jersey. He's got a Cosmos jersey! (laughs)

Trunk: Oh man, so is this the start of the whole onslaught that people have been waiting forever for GN'R, the record, and the touring...?

Axl: Hopefully. I mean, the last time when we did it it was like, huh, a lot of people kinda pressuring to do it and thinking it was and stuff...and kinda talking me into it, you know, like, I psyched myself up. And, that US thing did really good for the guys in the band, I mean, they're all still there, I mean, Bucket's Bucket, you know, and he's kinda been in the same trip he's been before he was in, with us, and now he's out, he's kinda in a world of his own. But the rest of the guys, it did just enough that it helped everybody feel like a band and they stayed a band. So it worked out pretty good for us.

Trunk: So, essentially the story is it feels better for you this time around, like it's become more organically, the timing's right for you, you're ready, you're in the right space, you're ready to really commit...

Axl: Yeah, but at the same time, what I'm saying is that we needed to do the shows that we did, back then, to feel like a band. And we did just enough shows for ourselves as a band, and especially, the way the show went down, and the performance at Madison Square Garden, it just helped solidify things for as long as it needed to, to keep that band together.

Trunk: And that was the last show in New York, before the tour ended, can you tell people why the tour ended at that point?

Axl: Ha, no, not exactly.

Trunk: Ok (laughs)

Bach: Are you guys opening up for The Stones too? Coming up?

Axl: We're doing a couple of shows in Germany.

Bach: That's cool...

Trunk: That's unbelievable. I mean, so the European stuff, and then you come back, and the record hopefully in the fall finally...

Axl: Yeah, absolutely.

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