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Bach: I remember hanging out, and drinking, and doing a bunch of stuff. I also remember, remember when I punched Izzy's brother in the face cuz he called me a homo? Like, I didn't know who he was...remember?

Axl: (laughing) I remember something like that...

Bach: It was at Alpine Valley, you were like: "Sebastian I'm taking you on the road", I was like: "Thank you so much!". And I sit there watching your gig, and some guy comes up to me. I'm sitting there and he goes: "You're such a pretty boy, man! Look at you man! Look at you!" I go: "Hey man, come here!" Boooom! and I punched him right in the face!

Axl: Probably Joe.

Bach: (untelligible) and they go: "Dude, that's Izzy's brother!"

Axl: Skid Row was second choice...for the tour you were second choice.

Bach: Who was number one?

Axl: N.W.A (rap band). I tried SO hard to make that happen and...couldn't. I mean, I wanted to do this. But I was trying to like, cuz I just wanted to know, cuz nobody knew who those guys were at the time. You know, and it's like...I turned Izzy onto it and he was talking about that the other night. He goes: "All I know is you put this thing in and I heard it and I was like: Yeah let's buy guns!! (laughs) And I did, I went out and I bought all these guns!" (laughs)

Trunk: What's Izzy doing now?

Axl: Huuh...he's probably gonna be out here. He might show up for the shows or something, we'll see.

Bach: Ooooh...wooooooh...I'm trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Axl: I don't know, I don't mean like being vague. I have no idea. Izzy does what Izzy does. I mean, it's like, you talk to Izzy one day and then you think hey we're gonna go over here to this record store but whatever. The next day you find out he's in Trinidad you know...or he's like, no I just had to go to the desert and do donuts in Nevada, you know. He races like hardcore racing trucks in Baha. He does stuff like that, so...

Trunk: Where does he live?

Axl: In L.A.

Trunk: In L.A. Alright, the point I was trying to make with the whole Guns N' Roses story, with the Welcome To The Jungle story, is that I remember that whole introduction vividly. Working at WEA records and how it happened, and now, here we are, whatever it is, almost 20 years later, and are you amazed at what that song has become? And the point is that you cannot turn on a live sporting event...

Axl: They play a lot of things, I mean...

Trunk: But that more than anything now man...

Axl: (singing something)


Bach: Some young dude...

Axl: Fambla(??)

Bach: That's horrible! That's kinda like I cringe when I hear that at the sporting events. I cringe when they play a Great White song man...I mean...I'm like: "How can you play this band?"Like on VH1 Classic.

Ian: They play Rock Me like every week.

Axl: I have the quintessential Great White story though.

Bach: You do?

Axl: I do. Ok so Jack is doing all of these blow...(Bach's laughing)...with all these guys...

Trunk: You guys had the same management at one point, didn't you?

Axl: All these middle-eastern guys right. Ok, and he runs out of cash. Right, and he wants some more. So somehow he manages to catch a fly, right. And he goes in the bathroom, he chops the fly in half and he puts it in a veil, an empty veil right. And then he comes out, and he puts like half a fly in front of these guys sitting there you know, it's no big deal. He's got a straw, he pisses it off, he acts like he snorts this fuckin half a fly...(laughs - because of the swearing on live radio)...There's half a fly up his nose right. Ok. So, they're like: "what are you doing?". He goes: "It's this Afghanistan titsy fly you know and it's like, they'll annahilate you, and you'll be hallucinating all this stuff." And he eventually trades the other half for a bunch of blow. Right, so, then he gets the blow, this other guy snorts off half a fly and it gets stuck up in his nose. (laughs) You know. And Jack goes running down the street...

Jericho: How did he catch a fly? Was he Jack Miagi? (sp.?)

Axl: I have no idea! Yeah. Wax on, wax off.

(Bach singing Great White)

Trunk: Oh my god. You guys wanna play records or you got stories like this...?

Axl: I don't understand, a titsy fly.

Bach: That's some goood fly dude!

Trunk: Oh my god. Alright, well we're gonna play, you wanna hear Out On The Tiles right?

Bach: Yes!

Trunk: Alright, we're gonna do that but I got a 3 minute break and then we'll come back and I promise you we'll play that. We're gonna go as long as we need to go so...Axl Rose, Sebastian Bach, Chris Jericho, Scott Ian. By the way, the Supergroup show May 21st on VH1. Scott Ian and Sebastian...

(everyone laughs)

Ian: (ironically) By the way...

Trunk: (laughs) at 10 o'clock. And look for the GN'R record to come out in the fall and the tour to follow as Axl Rose is hanging out with us. Bas! What have I gotta do? Buy you dinner for a life or what? We'll come right back...Oh my god, hold on a second, we got a little problem with these commercials...

(commercials break)

Alright we're back. Eddie Trunk here. Scott Ian hanging out, Sebastian Bach, and Axl Rose in the studio, and you know what man? We are gonna go past our end time because...

Axl: (ironically) I've never done that before!

Trunk: You never got past ti...(realizing) (laughs)

Bach: Axl's always on time! I gotta paint that picture! I gotta paint that picture! Nassau Coliseum, 1991, we're on stage, Doug Goldstein...we do our all set...

Trunk: Doug Goldstein is the manager, just for people listening right now.

Axl: At the time.

Bach: So I turn around, I'm ready to leave, we've done our set and he goes: "Keep going!", I go: "Whaaat? What do you mean keep going?". So we do a couple of Aerosmith songs,and we do Youth Gone Wild again, we actually did it twice in the set, I swear! And I go: "What is going oooon?" So, we come off stage finally, and then...

Axl: That was a mess. But that is another night that WASP saved the day. All these things went really bad and all of a sudden I put WASP on, I got fired up and stuff, starting jumping over all the furniture, and I went through the show...

Bach: (laughs) Are you serious?

Axl: Absolutely. I kinda got set up to got things go wrong. And so, the person that was involved in that was staring at me when I discovered the WASP, like: "How did he...And why...And certainly why is he turning around and he's now fired up when before he was suicidal, and he was exactly where I wanted him to be, and now HE'S PULLING OUT OF IT! AND NOW HE'S GONNA DO THE SHOW! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??" And I'm like: "YEEEES!!" And then I went onstage and blamed it all on Tom Zutaut. It didn't really have to do with Tom I guess, but...


Bach: The definition of cool, alright. The definition of cool. Everybody's FREAKING OUT backstage, like the whole arena is imploding, all the fans are screaming...

Axl: That piece is very hard to believe. That's very unusual.

Bach: It was like midnight. So anyways. Everybody's freaking out, and me and Mariah are walking down, we see all this commotion down on the hallway, right. Like, people jumping around, just going...I go: "What is going on?" So I walked down the hallway, and it's you surrounded by a maelstrom of people, jumping and freaking out...

Axl: I was afraid with the maelstrom (male-strom), I wasn't sure where that was going...

Jericho: Male love!

Bach: So you got Stephanie on your hand, and you looked like bored, you were like whatever. And I go: "Dude! Where were you?" And you go like this, you go: (laid back) "I was taking a shower..."

(everyone laughs)

Axl: I don't know man.

Bach: Yeah that's what you said! You said: "I was taking a shower"! It's like, right on dude!

[to be continued...]

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