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Trunk: And you also have Brian May on the record right?

Axl: I don't know if he'll actually be on the album. This hasn't been completely decided.

Trunk: Cuz I read a quote from him, he said: "Yeah, I recorded that a long time ago."

Axl: Yeah, he did. But that's still on the demo of the song.

Trunk: Right, and that's when I'm gonna ask you about the leaks. Not only what happened here years ago, but also recently, which I have nothing to do with...

Axl: I haven't listened to the leaks, so I don't know...

Trunk: Are they actually songs? Is it you know what it was? Was it music that's gonna be on the record, or is it old stuff that's not even been used, do you know?

Axl: No, it's stuff that's gonna be on the record. Except, it's still debatable like...there's songs we're still shuffling around, I mean we recorded about 2 and a half/ 3 albums worth of material. So, there's still stuff that's gonna bounce between one and two.

Trunk: How long is the record gonna be? Is it like 2 CDs?

Axl: No, it'll be a regular CD.

Trunk: One CD. And since you're here, and there's so many rumors...and so much stuff people have said over the years. Let me address this one with you. Was there any...

Axl: (kinda tired) Weren't you guys doing an interview?

(everyone laughs)

Bach: We're all fans man!

Axl: Yeah, I mean, come on...

Trunk: This is all about you right now!

Bach: We're rock fans, man!

Trunk: You know what, this is funny Axl, this is the first time everyone in this room has shut up in the last two hours!


Axl: I don't have to worry about the clubs closing out here...

Bach: Yeah, that's right!

Trunk: I couldn't get a word out of Edgewise (??) until you walked in the room, and then there's this whole room full of loud noise (laughs). Let me ask you one more question that I want to find out too. There were some rumors circulating recently that there was talk that you would do or that there was rumblings about possibly doing shows with the original line up of the band and then...all rumor...

Axl: No, that's all nonsense. That's just people starting stuff for whatever reason. They'll hear the leaks, and they'll decide, who wrote the solo, you know because they don't like the guy that's playing it, they'll say someone else wrote it, people make up all kinds of stuff.

Trunk: Do you keep up with all that stuff though, or do you roll it off your back?

Axl: I have to keep up on it, because, there's a lot of the stuff sometimes you need to shut down, you you like, have to be on top of what the people have...the people are doing the nonsense of what they're doing, so you can kinda stop some of it. Otherwise it would be a lot worse.

Trunk: Right. Dude! I mean, I'm so thrilled that you're here. What do you want to do man? Do you want to play music?

Axl: You guys do your thing!

Trunk: No, no, this is about you.

Bach: Do you want to pick some songs?

Trunk: Do you want to take some calls from people?

Axl: Noooo...aaaaah...Ace of Spades!

(everyone's clapping)

Bach: How about Dread Zeppelin?

Axl: Yeah, there you go!

Trunk: Do you need anything man? Food, drink, do you need anything at all?

Axl: No, I'm good. Brain was in a band called Ted Zeppelin.

Bach: Who was?

Axl: Our drummer. Yeah he had a band called Ted Zeppelin. It was a Zeppelin/ Nugent band.


Axl: Yeah, Ted Zeppelin.

Ian: Let me ask you Axl, we always talk about metal, we just talk about nothing else...the ongoing debate, I have to go there, I said I would ask you, who do you like better? (Judas) Priest or (Iron) Maiden?


Axl: Old Priest. (everyone's clapping) And the first Maiden album.

Trunk: (...) Well, as requested by Axl Rose, who's in the studio with us, this is Motorhead and Ace of Spades...

Bach: Yeaaaahhh!

Trunk: Kick some ass!

(Motorhead's Ace of Spades playing)

Trunk: Alright, there was Motorhead's Ace of Spades requested by Axl Rose, who's in your studio, yes you heard me right, it's Eddie Trunk, we gotta do a quick break and then we're gonna come right back with more with Axl Rose right after this, please, I know you're not going anywhere...


Trunk: Alright, we're back on the air. Just a bit of a distraction going on back there for a second. Eddie Trunk with Sebastian Bach, Scotty Ian, Chris Jericho and you know this guy Axl Rose (laughs) you may have heard of. Axl's been nice enough after he called in to join us from rehearsal with GN'R rehearsing in New York City, getting ready for shows. No sense of mentioning the shows here in New York, cuz theyre all long sold out, and then you go to Europe, and then, hopefully from there...

Axl: We'll start doing the fall here. In the States.

Trunk: We'll see what happens. Bas, you orchestrated this thing, and you...

Bach: Axl orchestrated it...

Trunk: He showed up and you were the catalyst so...

Axl: I sent a text...I didn't what you guys were doing, your thing, I didn't know what was going on, I was just going hey it's time to call Bas...

Bach: Right on!

Trunk: Axl, can you get up on the mic? I'm sorry...

Axl: I just knew it was time to call Bas...It was like ok 13 years...and 40 days...(laughs) now!

Bach: How do you make that like window...?

Axl: I don't know...

Bach: Ok, well I've just got so many great memories of him like...

Trunk: You guys toured together right?

Bach: Yeah, but we also hung out a couple know, quite a bit, you know....Everybody has you know this image of him, you know, and me of like this mystique or whatever, and people always say like: "what does that guy like?", and I go let me describe to you Axl, ok. We get in the nicest car at that time I've ever seen, some Mercedes or something, I think it was black, or it could have been silver, I can't remember, but this beautiful car, and I'm like, we're driving around Hollywood, and I'm thinking he's gonna put in you know, some music on man, and I don't know what he's gonna put on, cuz you know I'm intrigued about people's musical tastes...

Axl: I'm getting scared...

Bach: ...and he grabs a CD, he looks through all the CDs and he goes: "I got it!", he puts it in, and, Axl cranks up W.A.S.P (laughs)...and he's rocking his head off... (Bach singing WASP)...and then I turned and I go: "I cannot believe, this is the choice of Axl Rose!" (Axl laughing his ass off). It's like this guy rocks man! And then, he's like, ok Sebastian, I gotta...(radio playing WASP)...he's got a lot of taste, and then we stop, and he goes: "I gotta make one stop", so as the WASP is cranking, he pulls in some alleyway and he goes in the back of this restaurant and buys a tin of caviar, but $800! (everyone laughs) And he goes in the car and he goes: "Have you tried this man?" I don't know! He goes: "I paid 800 bucks for this man!" It's like: Geez!

Axl: Everybody else was doing blow (not sure?) so I was doing caviar and champagne (laughs)

Bach: To a WASP soundtrack!

Ian: Is the new Guns N' Roses' guitarist Chris Holmes? (laughs)

Axl: Yeah that's it! The Mean Man!

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