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Jericho: (Unintelligible)

All: Woah (Laughter)

Jericho: Leave it to me to be the first guy to break the cherry

Bach: Have another brew.

Trunk: Leave it to the pro wrestler over here, huh

Jericho: Its always me

Trunk: Axl, were you into a lot of metal growing up? Where you a metal freak like all of us?

Axl: Yeah, yeah

Trunk: What bands did you love? Like the bands you just worshiped as a kid?

Axl: Well, Sabbath

Trunk: Yeah, of course. Now let me ask you this because a lot of people who come in here, like I'm 41, Baz is a couple of years younger, Scotts the same age.....

Axl: Oh, we gotta get into that, great

Trunk: Oh no, no, no, I'm not asking you that, I'm just trying to get the time line....

Axl: Where's my Geritol?

Trunk: I'm not asking you like that.....

Axl: I need some ensure

Trunk: For me my first Sabbath album was actually Heaven and Hell so I'm wondering where did you come in Sabbath where you into... I got Heaven and Hell and than went back, but I mean where you a Dio?, did you come in on Ozzy?

Axl: Like, Technical Ecstasy

Bach: Yeah, right on, right on

Trunk: Because so many people its surprising they come in, no we stAxlted with Dio Axlound 80 and than we went back and learned the other stuff, so...

Axl: No, no. I had a friend in like 7th or 8th grade who sold all the pot but I didn't smoke pot but I'd go to, like, he had this black room and his dad was a guitar teacher and I'd go sit there and he was actually cool about, he didn't, like, where other people would mess with you if you chose to or not do drugs or whatever you know he didn't, but turned me on to Sabbath you know and....

Bach: That's cool

Trunk: Wow, and what else?

Axl: I was just really into Ozzy singing at the time

Trunk: Right

Bach: Yeah, you liked Dan McCafferty to though right?

Axl: I don't know, I would listen to about everything, I cant right now trying to figure out what I listened to at the time

Trunk: Where you a Kiss fan at all? Cause Baz...

Axl: I liked the hits that were on the radio, I mean the same car he's talking about I would, like, ride around you know and like sneak up on people at the bus stop, because I had a really loud stereo, sneak up on them at the bus stops and start Dr. Love....

Bach: Yeaaaah, Dr. Love

Axl: Dr. Love has always been one of my favorite songs because they played it on AM radio and if you know Gene and you know Genes world and you think about Gene's world backstage and where his tongue was going, it just, I cant believe they play that song on AM radio back in the day

Trunk: Especially the little bridge part....

Axl: (Singing like Gene Simmons) "You're not the only one I ever had". You know?

Bach: What about Christine Sixteen?

Trunk: Right

Ian: What was that about?

Bach: What is the middle part? He goes...

Axl: Yeah, I don't understand the meaning

Bach, Trunk: When I saw you walk out of school that day

Bach: That day I knew, I knew I've got to have you, I've got to have you

Axl: And he's like twenty something and he's in this beat up car, stoned, cruising the high schools

Trunk: Wait the best part about that, here it is (Christine Sixteen starts to play)

Bach: Ooh, its creepy

Axl: It is, isn't it

Trunk: And the best partt is out of that he goes "She's been around, but she's young and clean"

Ian: the best Gene lyric though is in "Going Blind" when he says...

Ian, Bach: "I'm 93, and you're 16"

Ian: 93!

Bach: I know that's perfect, (Unintelligible) is scaring me in that song

Jericho: 63 wasn't bad enough

Ian: By the way, Ed Trunk, Gene will be expecting a royalty check for...

Trunk: No, I just played, (Impersonates Gene Simmons) "You just played Christine Sixteen on New York radio, Ed. I get three cents on that please. Payable to Gene Simmons Empires."

Axl: You'll get that call

Trunk: No doubt man. So what do you want to play? Do you want to play some music? Do you want to talk to some people? Do you want to just hang? What do you want to do? I'm asking the room

Bach: Let's play some music

Axl: Play some music

Trunk: What do you want to hear? Christine Sixteen?

Bach: He wanted the Nazareth song

Axl: It doesn't matter to me. It doesn't matter to me

Trunk: I have the Nazareth song but it's the live version, I don't know if it's bogus or not

Ian: Thin Lizzy

Bach: Thin Lizzy, Hey, I'm A Rocker by Thin Lizzy. I'm A Rocker

Jericho: Do you have that?

Trunk: Yes, of course I do

Jericho: With your close personal friend John Sykes, Ed

Trunk: Yeah but this is pre John Sykes

Bach: Or you know, Bad Reputation could be appropriate

Ian: Bad Reputation, cowboy song

Bach: Yeah, you know Do What You Wanna Do is a great song

Axl: Ehh, you really want to play a cowboy song in the Brokeback Mountain Days?

Jericho: He's on fire

Bach: Nice, he hasn't changed a bit

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