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Trunk: Baz, give us one story from when you toured with Guns N Roses, besides the one you just told. Anything from the road that you recall?

Bach: Well there's many things, you know. There's one thing Axl wasn't afraid to kind of tell it like it is a couple times

Axl: Or tell it like it wasn't

Bach: Well, I remember when we were doing Slave To the Grind record, I was literally out of my mind you know, partying a little too much in Hollywood and you know Axl called up Doc and Scott and said you gotta get your boy out of Hollywood and Scotts like why and Axl goes "Cause he's gonna die"

Trunk: Did you say it like in Welcome To the Jungle? Did you scream "You're gonna die"?

Axl: No, but sometimes you all have to watch out for one another...

Bach: That's right

Axl:.... and don't let it get to far over the edge

Bach: And I don't forget that, I never forget that

Axl: He had to get out of Hollywood, I had to gey out of New York. I'd come here and after about a few couple of weeks we'd be like "W w w we need to get out of here, w w w were gonna die". You know because you're the one who's now the bartender at the hotel.

Bach: And than you were telling me the other day that you lived in China for three months?

Axl: Yeah, we went and stayed in China for about three months, Beijing, Shanghai, and Xian

Bach: What was that like?

Axl: We'll he filmed like, you know they eat alot of bugs.

Bach: What is it like the Fear Factor show?

Axl: Absolutely

Trunk: How long ago did you live there?

Bach: Did you eat bugs?

Axl: Well, I didn't live there, we just went and stayed there a couple of years ago.

Trunk: A couple of years ago. That inspired the name of the album at all?

Axl: No it was before that but then I just thought I should go. I wanted to go before they banned me. So, you know, I mean Chinese Democracy that doesn't quite work for the government over there.

Bach: Hey, I want to ask you this. What do you think of that jack-off band The Offspring?

Axl: It doesn't mean anything. I mean I'm not saying that they don't mean anything , it just doesn't matter you know?

Bach: No, its just, I'm like, Get your own scene dude. Its like get your own thing

Axl: But what I would say is like didn't they have a song for I think the movie Orange County or something?

Trunk: I don't know I'm not a fan

Axl: But they had a song that I liked its message and everything and it was like "Well aren't you, you by the stuff you're talking, aren't you going against your own song?" You know I dug what there song was about standing up for yourself and this kind of thing and then they were turning around and being the opposite. That what I thought was interesting.

Trunk: The story was that they tried to take the title of the record or whatever

Axl: Yeah, well you know

Bach: It didn't work

Axl: Every time a lot of people are putting out a record its like ok well let's talk about this

Jericho: Do you even listen to that Axl? Do you even care like the speculation in the media and all that do you even pay attention...

Axl: No, Oh no, not at all never, Um mmm......

Trunk: None of you guys were obviously at the Madison Square Garden show.

Axl: .... never, I'm unfazed

Trunk: And you remember man we went to that show and after the show.......

Axl: When have you ever known me to be reactionary?

Bach: Dude, the first time I ever met you, we were opening for Aerosmith at the L.A. Forum and the first knock on the door was David Lee Roth. He goes "Heeey, man.....

Axl: No, he.... You and I were telling him that he was one of our biggest influences, our biggest inspirations. First thing is like, we meet and he...... has........ two joints and two beers and hands me one of each.......

Trunk: Is that Sebastian or Roth?

Axl: Uh, Sebastian, and....and ...... and then we started singing Train Kept A Rollin because now I'm gonna get to go sing it with Aerosmith, and so the whole room kind of freaks out and starts staring at us, you know, and then later were telling David Lee Roth he's like one of our biggest influences.......

Bach: He took us out

Axl: .....and to his defense he later apologized but he comes up, puts his arms Axlound both of us and goes "You guys aint nothing but pretenders to the throne"...

Bach: I'll never forget this in my life

Axl: ..... and he's, Baz, is like (higher voice) "Dude! Why are you being such a dick?"

Bach: No, let me give my side to that, ok? So here I am with like my heroes and stuff hanging out, Rick Rubin was the guy who drove us to the Rainbow and David Lee Roth wanted to take us out so (Phone rings), that's my Balls To The Walls ringtone.

Trunk: Baz has a ring tone from Accept?

Bach: Yeah

Axl: I heard Izzy was.... I was hanging out with Izzy here in New York and I heard that, uh, he was telling me that Udos' wife wrote all those lyrics..

Bach: Wolfs' wife, Wolfs' wife

Trunk: Her name was Dioffy(sp?)

Axl:.... and she wrote all the lyrics to Balls To The Wall, he was kind of freaking out about that

Bach: And their kind of like gay lyrics, kind of...... but anyway

Trunk: Well but there written by a woman though

Axl: London Leather Boys

Bach: So they...

Axl: I had this friend that wore this Judas Priest shirt, he goes "I wore that Ram It Down shirt for like a year"

Jericho: Don't get me started. There was Jawbreaker....

Axl: ...... he was really upset about that. Go on

Bach: Oh my god. Just my side of the David Lee Roth thing, he.... um, I remember him taking us out there and I was in the middle of Axl and David and I remember vividly Brett Michaels came and to the table and goes "Hey man, can I sit down with you guys?" and we go "NO!" So anyway Dave is really being cool and he's being funny. He orders a drink and he's like this "Medic!" like he's being total Dave, but the more whiskey he drinks the meaner he gets, and I just sense this vibe and than, uh and than the way I remember it, he takes one shot of Jack, looks over at you and me and he goes "Well, it looks like I got a couple pretenders to my throne right here.", and you looked at me like "What did he just say?" Cause I......

Axl: I just remember you going "Duuude!", it was like.... (higher voice) "Why are you being such a dick?"

Trunk: I cant believe Sebastian would ever say something like that

Axl: I know its hard to picture

Bach: But than the next week I got this letter...

Axl: Yeah, I got a letter too

Bach: .......yeah, hand written from David Lee Roth saying "Hey man..."

Axl: Well mine was from a judge

Bach: .......he goes "You two guys remind me of why I first got into music and stuff..."

Axl: Yeah, but than he goes and turns around and does it again, later and, so I just, you know, whatever

Bach: Yeah, yeah

Jericho: At least you guys are on the airwaves in New York City and he's not

Axl: Dave's great

Bach: I love Dave, I love Dave

Axl: You were just playing some, right?

Trunk: No we haven't played Van Halen yet. We can though.

Axl: Oh that's because I was listening to your competition, that's right

Trunk: Well you know what, you're on this station now, not theirs, so there you go, enough said.

Bach: I want to hear Out of the Tiles by Led Zeppelin though

Trunk: Alright we can do that. Do you want to do that right now?

Bach: Yeah, this is one of the songs we did in the Damnocracy band...

Trunk: Tell Axl about your thing man, he doesn't even know

Bach: Well we have Jason Bonham in this band so we did each song by each of us, we did Only by Anthrax. We didn't know if we should do a Bonham song like Air(Race?) His other band....

Ian: Jason didn't want to do a Bonham song. He was like "Let's do a Led Zeppelin song"

Bach: Yeah, so we wanted to do Whole Lotta Love because Ted knows that and its good for my range. Right, that's a good song for me. So, uh, but we had to get clearance from them, right? So Jason had a meeting with Robert Plant........

Axl: What do you mean "Its good for your range?" When you have a.......

Bach: Well its in there. Its in there

Axl: I mean that's a pretty big parking space

Bach: Awww, thank you, dude, that's nice of you . Coming from you that's.......

Trunk: Axl Rose that's, you know, look at Baz he's glowing right now baby

Bach: No. You know the only other time he said that "You gotta hear this guy, his friend Shannon, is when you said that to me. You go "He's got a higher voice than you man." and I was like "What?" And he did have a higher voice

Trunk: Yeah and the first time anyone saw Shannon Hoon was in the Don't Cry video, that was the first time that, uh.......

Bach: So anyway, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page go "Why are you doing that song?" Like its so obvious, and Robert goes "I wonder what Sebastian would sound like doing a song like Out On the Tiles by Led Zeppelin. Then I was like cool. Than I started learning it and the second verse is completely out of time. Coming in, its not on a count, it's a studio flub. So I know he was having a little chuckle, like, have at it. You know what I mean.

Trunk: Speaking of Zeppelin stories, Kramer told me once that the echo back in Whole Lotta Love "Way down inside.." you hear it down in the background, that that is actually a mis... that the tape was over saturated, it was a mistake on the tape and they played the play back and Eddie heard it and he's like "Oh man that take is bad" and Robert and Jimmy were sitting there and they go "No, play that again" and they listen to it again, cause it was a different take on the track and they left it like that. That was a mistake that they intentionally left. You couldn't even do that now because nobody has analog tape anymore, you know.

Bach: Hey, how do you feel about Pro Tools on lead vocals?

Axl: Huh, what do you mean?

Bach: Like, I mean I just went through this horrible experience doing this album with this guy that like took my lead vocals and like put them and made them so perfect that it was nauseating, like that's the style now of producing lead vocals, like making it so perfect that to me it sucks

Axl: I think that there all types of different ways to do it, I mean you can definitely overproduce it and make it too perfect that it's a nightmare and it makes it sterile. Or you can use a little bit of everything. You can push it every way possible using the technology and doing it, everything you can do. We.... the only thing you have heard has been the leaks but there's different things where its just like.... I don't like to stretch things with Pro Tools or anything like that. I don't like that kind of cheating...It's a lot faster.

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