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Who are the 3 best guitarists of all time, according to you?

My favorite guitarists, that influenced me most, were Eddie Van Halen for his innovation, Jimi Hendrix for his feel, and Ace Frehley (KISS) for making every solo a singable part of the song.  Randy Rhoads (Ozzy) is in there too as a favorite.  Those first two Ozzy

As we speak, who do you admire the most as a musician?

Shawn Lane had some of the best technique on guitar.  Another guitarist, from the UK, my good friend Guthrie Govan ( ) is one of the greatest players, always enjoy jamming with him.  Stevie Wonder, amazing songwriter and singer, his songs always make ya feel good.  Definitely George Martin, the Beatles' producer that added the great classical instrumentation to their songs.  And of course Mattias Eklundh and his band Freak Kitchen ( ).

What are your favorite rock bands besides Guns N' Roses?

Beatles, Kiss (1977 and older), Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, RATM, Queen, Faith No More, Muse, and most of all, MANOWAR.

According to other members of the bands, you're like a walking musical encyclopedia, what French artist(s) or band(s) do you really like?

France has so many talented and fun-loving musicians, I've been fortunate enough to become friends with, and make music with many of them, people I have great respect for personally and musically.  There's my old friend Christophe Godin ( ) and the bands he's had, Mörglbl Trio, Metal Kartoon, Gnô...    The band Plug-In ( ) with Elmobo on bass and Fanalo on guitar, both who were in my band when we were touring in '02, '03...   I miss all those guys.

What do you like to do when you have a day off on tour when you're overseas?

I'm very boring while on tour, haha.  I stay in the hotel room mostly, getting lots of rest and playing lots of guitar.  I have a responsibility to be 100% for every show, that's why I'm there, that's all that counts.

We know you like France and French-speaking people and our site is called Guns N' Roses France ( , so we would like to ask you to say a little something about the following French-speaking countries (some souvenir you might have, favorite bands, some monument you like, etc.):

- France

Couldn't begin to recall everything in France that left an impression...   the beautiful forests in Brittany, spending time there with my friend Pat O'May in the late 90s while working on his album ( "Breizh-Amerika" )  The beaches in Nice, Montpellier, the friends I've made in Strassbourg, Bordeaux, Paris, Lille...too many people and places to mention, all of them good. And the food.

- Switzerland

I remember playing in Romont, in the Winter of '05, my band and Freak Kitchen.  Mattias drove the van up this snowy hill, at the top was a castle, and we played next door to it.  Will never forget the beautiful castle in Romont.

- Belgium

Big thanks to my friend Jean-Michel Legusti, who's been by my side throughout many tours, and mails me and my wife *Belgian dark chocolate*. (Again, it's about food...)

- Québec (Canada)

Made friends with a good guy in Québec, who just had a son, the son's name is Axl.  His son, is what is special about Québec.

- Algeria - Morocco (North Africa)

Never been to Algeria or Morocco, but as I'm typing this, I'm leaving in 10 minutes to eat sushi with my wife and her best friend Zina, who's father was the Mayor of Casablanca.  So that's my connection to Morocco.  That and a Moroccan fez Zina got me.
Thank YOU, to all of you!! Hope to see you all again soon...!
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