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Off to Guns N' Roses!

Before you joined the band, what did you think about GN'R?

Was a fan since Appetite first came out.  Had a cover band with my friends back then, we did Michelle, Brownstone...

What happened the first time you met/ rehearsed with the band? Were you relaxed, impressed, worried...?

I was relaxed, not worried about anything.   Things would happen as they were meant to, however it turned out.

What did you think when the lights went down and you played the first notes for the show at the Hammerstein (May 06)?

I thought to myself, "Which harmony was I supposed to play in this song...? How many verses are in that song...?  How many beats is the break in that other song...?" Stuff like that...

Since when do you know the current members of the band? Which word would describe each band member the best?

I met them for the first time when we started jamming last year, although Chris Pitman and I had spoken since 2 years before.  Frank and I have mutual friends that go back 20 years.  (I don't feel right talking about other band members, I feel like I'm analyzing them...)

What was your secret to blend in so easily in GN'R?

For any band, if you want things to work, just play, make music.  Everything else will fall into place naturally.

Which tracks do you like to play the most?

Don't have a favorite, I like them all for different reasons, some for the groove, some for the melody...   I like "Down On The Farm", it's a good song, with attitude.

Will there be another record after Chinese Democracy with you on it

Can't predict what the future will bring, for now I'm just looking forward to upcoming tours.

Was Axl in the studio to kinda tell you the style you should use or was he totally confident in you? How is Axl as a person and as a songwriter/ composer?

(Not gonna talk about other members...)   I can't speak for anyone else, and I don't want to say too much about Chinese...    I will tell you about my other studio experiences.  I've owned my own studio for a dozen years, recorded hundreds of albums and demos with hundreds of bands.  In the studio, in my experience, it's always best to let people do their thing, and not have everyone watching over each other - it's the best way and the usual way things are done.  When bandmembers are recording in my studio, they usually work alone and their bandmembers have confidence in them.  If bandmembers are at the studio, they're usually in a different room hanging out, checking in once in a while.  When I'm mixing an album, I do most of it on my own, then meet with band members to make adjustments.  Many times when mixing, I work alone and email the band MP3s of the mixes, they email me a list of changes, I make the changes and email new MP3s.  It's a good way - they take care of their business, while I'm getting the mixing done, and we both make more progress.  When I record guitar tracks on my own albums, I prefer to work alone, I focus better that way.

Did you write anything for the tracks that will be on Chinese Democracy, or did you mainly play stuff that was already written? For instance, when you play T.W.A.T, it was stuff that was written before, so do you have to stick to it or can you kinda improvise and add your feeling to it?

Songs had already existed from before I joined the band - I did my best to add my own spirit to the songs, hopefully people will like it.

What did you think about the concert in Paris last year? Is there anything you will remember for a long time from the 2006 tour?

I had a GREAT time in Paris!!  I had just played in Paris, November 2005 with the solo band, at "La Maroquinerie".  France is the main country I've toured in the last 10 years.  It can be 300 people at a show with the solo band, or 15,000 people with GnR, it's always a good time, and every show is memorable.   I think, what I remember most from the 2006 tour is...   the *food*.  Haha, good food.  :)

Do you think (or know if) the band will be back to Canada or France for the 2007 tour?

I don't know...

What did Guns N' Roses represent for you in your musical background?

Do you mean, was GnR a musical influence?   Kiss and the Beatles inspired me to become a musician, I was mostly influenced by classic rock and old-school metal, and some punk, it's what I listened to mostly as a kid. GnR may have been in there, a little bit...?
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