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What's your most memorable moment about your stay in Bretagne?
Working with Pat O'May on his Breizh-Amerika album in 1998. I'll never forget one early morning, going to a big empty farm house and recording a bunch of Celtic dancers. We had a mobile recording setup, mic'd the floor, the room from inside, from the ceiling below. The dancer's feet hitting the ground in unison, the sunlight coming in from two windows, the dust from the dancing lit up by two rays of sunlight from the windows. We added the sound of their dancing into one of Pat's songs, there's a sample here:
In Bretagne, we are known to "appreciate" wine and different spirits. Is there any spirited moment you spent there you'd like to share with us?
I think I remember having some wine...? It must have been very enjoyable wine, I can't remember much, haha...
Pat O'May participated in many breton's projects, festivals, concerts, etc. You recorded some tracks with him in Bretagne. Have you heard anything from what he has written for the shows Anne de Bretagne or Excalibur (2009-2010)? If that's the case, what did you think of this kind of celtic music? What do you think of celtic music in general?
Pat's a great and talented guy. I spent a month in Bretagne with Pat producing the album, then he came to US and stayed with me for a few weeks while we mixed the album. I've followed Pat's music and have enjoyed everything he's done.
Have you heard other French celtic artists or bands, like Alan Stivell, Tri Yann or Dan Ar Braz?
I've heard a few, yes, and love it. Celtic music has such a strong identity........
Harp is an instrument very common in celtic music. Patti Hood added some harp parts to the Chinese Democracy album, did that make you think of celtic music? Any chance GN'R will play live in the future with Patti Hood?
For me the harp on Chinese felt more traditional classical than Celtic. But now I'm thinkin' about it, hmmm.... Patti did some beautiful stuff - don't know what the future holds, would be interesting to bring her on stage.
You have come to France several times. When you do so, do you have time to check out the countryside (outside the Paris region) and different parts of France? Is there any region you really like (besides Bretagne)
I've been all over the entire country over the last dozen years... each area has its own vibe, each holds a lot of memories. Bretagne, hangin' with the Morglbl Trio in Annecy, the Dirty8 touring company guys in Strasbourg, the Plug-In guys in Bordeaux, dozens of times in Paris, Lille, Nice, Nancy, Lyon, Tours, Besancon, Guingamp, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Bergerac, Marseille, Montpellier, Perpignon, Mende, Montpont, Astaffort, Tours, Nantes, so many.....
Have you been "initiated" to wine tasting and to the French wine culture? Any vineyard you remember?
I haven't gone to any vineyards but have had different wines... I try not to drink on tour and I'm always there on tour, aaahhh!! I have a beautiful bottle of Cognac I've been saving for years for the right moment...
If I tell you Savigny-Les-Beaune, Saint-Estèphe, Chassagne-Montrachet, Saumur-Champigny or Meursault, does that ring a bell?
Ahh, Burgundy...........
Is there a French recipe you "have" to order every time you come here or to a French restaurant in the US?
Crepes. Usually get different types of crepes in France.... and of course pain du chocolat for my wife.
Do you have any thought or souvenir or advice or whatever you'd like to share with French fans?
A thought to share...? So many... first thought that comes to mind is Lille. At the first solo tour I did in France in 1997, we played Lille. After the show I took a bunch of fans out for pizza. They were great, I still keep in touch with some. The last solo tour I did in France in 2005, we started in Lille, and the show was sold out quickly, so we added a 2nd show and finished the tour in Lille. This will be my first time playing Lille with GNR, it will be special.
Have you ever heard French bands like Noir Désir, Louise Attaque or Indochine?
Haven't heard those bands, but knew the music of Gojira, Zuul FX, Lofofora, Superbus...
What are you looking forward to most about the upcoming French concerts?
Seeing friends I haven't seen in a few years...
French fans have always welcomed you very well, as a solo artist or with GN'R, how did you create this special bond with French fans?
I've always found the French to be open-minded toward music, metal or jazz or anything crossing the lines. My own music never quite fit an exact mold, and I think this was appreciated in France.
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