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Use Your Illusion I
  1. Right Next Door To Hell (Stradlin/ Caltia/ Rose)
  2. Dust N' Bones (Stradlin/ McKagan/ Rose)
  3. Live And Let Die Clip (Paul McCartney/ Linda McCartney)
  4. Don't Cry [original] Clip (Stradlin/ Rose)
  5. Perfect Crime (Stradlin/ Slash/ Rose)
  6. You Ain't The First (Stradlin)
  7. Bad Obsession (Stradlin/ Arkeen)
  8. Back Off Bitch (Huge/ Rose)
  9. Double Talkin'Jive (Stradlin)
  10. November Rain Clip (Rose)
  11. The Garden Clip (Arkeen/ James/ Rose)
  12. Garden Of Eden Clip (Slash/ Rose)
  13. Don't Damn Me (Slash/ Lank/ Rose)
  14. Bad Apples (Slash/ McKagan/ Stradlin/ Rose)
  15. Dead Horse Clip (Rose)
  16. Coma (Slash/ Rose)

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     Garden Of Eden   Paroles/ traductions de la chanson garden-of-eden Paroles/ Traductions

Clip de Garden of Eden sorti en 1992

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